Curated by

Ioanna Gerakidi

«LANDS/SexLife»: solo show by Lito Kattou at opbo studio

The independent art space opbo studio announces the opening of Lito Kattou’s solo exhibition titled “LANDS/SexLife”, curated by Ioanna Gerakidi, on Friday, June 30th at 8 pm. In LANDS/SexLife, Kattou ponders and expands on the characteristics and symbolisms of the mantis as a species encountering life through survival, sex through shielding, resistance through cannibalism. Through a new body of work consisting of reliefs and other sculptural gestures, Kattou traces the circularity of time as an a-chronical structure, the fatality appended on the femme identity as a parable for protecting life and the landscape as a means for altering the dominant geopolitical narratives.

Lito Kattou solo show