PATAGOS - Sofia Mavragani at opbo studio

"Patagos", continuing his international tour and as part of his special presentations, will be "exposed" at opbo studio, for one night only. The dance performance "Patagos" is a noisy story without sound. The texts narrated, the lyrics sung and the rhythms danced by the two performers will never be heard. The two bodies create a muted score that can be "heard" with the eyes. A performance on the borders of dance, theater and music that blurs the boundaries between what we hear and what we see. A silent blast. Choreographer Sophia Mavragani studies, in her works, the musicality of the body and the materiality of the voice, creating paradoxical equations between sound and movement. In Patagos, by eliminating any sound stimulus, she makes movement the exclusive protagonist.

Photos by Margarita Nikitaki